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Leinster Match Program 2018/19 – Article 1

This article appeared in the Dragons match program 15th September

It is hard to believe that the summer break is over and that we are into another season. Towards the end of last season Bryan O’Neill was elected President of the Leinster Rugby Referees taking over from Conor Byrne who had a fantastic year in office. We wish Bryan continued success for the season ahead.

It was great to see over 160 referees, assessors and members pack into Lansdowne FC for this year’s Annual Referee Seminar, which kickstarted the 2018/19 season. Many thanks to Robert Deacon, Vice President of Leinster Rugby for the warm introduction and to our own President Bryan O’Neill for his warm welcome.

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Presidents Address






It is a great honour and privilege to the President of the Association of Referees Leinster Branch for the season 2018/19 and also that I am the 100th person to have the honour of being President.

I joined the Association in September 1978 after a 15 year rugby playing career with Lansdowne.  I had 14 very enjoyable years with the whistle travelling the length and breadth of the province and also fortunate to referee abroad in England, United States and Canada, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Having been guided and encouraged by assessors and administrators while blowing the whistle and having got a huge amount of enjoyment at the same time I felt that it was important that I should attempt to pass on my experiences to the next generation of referees

I believe that the ARLB’s referee education process is second to none with regular seminars, workshops, monthly meetings all organised by a dedicated committed group of members. I also believe that if someone joining the Association shows the same commitment there is no reason why he/she should not get to the top of the tree.

I am very confident that the Association is in a position to meet all new, serious and interesting challenges with the necessary innovative planning to ensure its continuing success.

Referee abuse has become a problem of late and I believe severely restricts our ability to attract potential referees and unless it is eradicated will eventually destroy the game we love. The Association will back any referee to the hilt who reports abuse.

Have a great season.

Bryan O’ Neill







Bryan O’Neill
Wayne Sheridan
Pat Carolan
Peter Donnelly
Jim Breen
David MacDonald
Conor Byrne

Current global law trials to be adopted into full law after unanimous Council approval

The World Rugby Council has unanimously decided to adopt into law the complete package of 12 law amendments that are currently under global trial.

Approval follows an approval recommendation by the Rugby Committee after comprehensive evaluation of trial performance from playing, coaching, match officiating, fan and player welfare perspectives by the specialist 15s Laws Review Group (LRG).

With the global law trials having operated since August in the northern hemisphere and January in the southern hemisphere, the amendments come into effect immediately and will be codified with immediate effect.

In short, the law amendments that have been adopted into law are:

  1. Uncontested scrums must have eight players (Law 3.15)
  2. Permit kick to touch after time has elapsed (Law 5.7c)
  3. Where multiple penalty infringements the non-offending team can choose the most advantageous (Law 7.2d)
  4. Penalty try has no conversion (Law 8.1c, 8.3 and 8.7)
  5. Touch, 22m and in goal simplification (Law 18)
  6. Scrum – no signal from ref (Law 19.22)
  7. Scrum – alignment of scrum-half (Law 19.15f)
  8. Scrum – compulsory strike (LRG insist that for player welfare purposes this is a compulsory strike by the hooker (Law 19.22)
  9. Scrum – Allow number eight to pick up from second row of scrum (Law 19.36c)
  10. Tackler must get up before playing the ball and then can only play from their side of the tackle gate (Law 14.6)
  11. Change in pre-ruck offside line formation – at least one player on their feet and over the ball which is on the ground (Law 14.11)
  12. No kicking out of ruck (Law 15)

We will go into more detail in later articles. The full amendments can be found here