Club of the Year

The Leinster Rugby Referees Club of the Year nomination forms went out this morning. The Club of the Year award (Terry Doyle Memorial Trophy) is voted for by the active referees of the Leinster Rugby Referees each year. It is hoped to present the award to the winning club president at the annual dinner to be held this year on the 24th of March 2012 at Lansdowne FC.
Past winners include:

2011 – Edenderry RFC
2010 – Malahide RFC
2009 – Ashbourne RFC
2008 – UCD RFC.

The award is named after Terry Doyle President Leinster Rugby Referees 2006/07 who passed away in 2010.

Duty Ref #4

Some questions from around the world and our own email now available at Duty Ref #4

The good, the bad and the referee

In the latest installment in our series of refereeing features (Planet Rugby), our guest columnist addresses some common misconceptions about the laws of the game.

This week, in the absence of any controversy, we will look at some of the myths that supporters, players, coaches and even sometimes new referees believe are law.

Surprisingly there are quite a lot of them so I have tried to choose the most common.

1. You must let a player on the ground up

We have all heard the fans who think that players should ‘let him up’; it’s expected that if a player falls to the ground on a ball, they are entitled to get up. In fact, they have no entitlements at all, as when on the ground they are out the game. He does have three options though. 1) Release the ball, 2) Pass the ball, 3) Get up. Whatever the player chooses to do must be done straight away.

An arriving player does not have to let the player on the ground get up, they are perfectly entitled to compete for the ball. So they should try and pick up the ball, if the player on the ground stops them, it’s a penalty. What the arriving player cannot do is stop the player on the ground getting to their feet by holding them down or falling on them.

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ARLB Site Migrated to New Server

The ARLB IT team have been working hard in the background over the last few days and have successfully migrated (Moved) the award winning ARLB site to a newer server which should see improved performance and speed. Hopefully it has been a relatively seamless for all the referees using the site. Thanks to Denis for his patience over the last couple of weeks.