Annual General Meeting

You are hereby invited to attend the
Annual General Meeting
to be held on Thursday 25th April 2013
at 7:30pm
in St. Marys College RFC (by kind permission).

IRFU Tag 2013

IRFU Volkswagen Tag is gearing up for the 2013 season with Spring Leagues commencing shortly and Summer Leagues in May. A vital part of the success of this tag rugby programme will be the quality of refereeing, and as such, the IRFU are working closely with the IRFU Referees Department and Provincial Referees Associations/Society recruiting referees to officiate during these months.


Whether you are an experienced match official or a player keen to take up the whistle, the IRFU are always on the lookout for new referees to join in. Tag provides an enjoyable way to keep fit while gaining valuable refereeing experience. Alternatively many experienced referees use the tag season to keep in shape and hone their communications skills.

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Leinster Match Program – Article 11

Misconceptions about the laws of the game.

We ran two excellent workshops recently on Communication and Control delivered by Paul Haycock and David O’Brien in the various areas around the province. Communication and control are two key aspects of refereeing and doing these well leads to a better game all round. By the most fundamental of definitions, the referee communicates for the purpose of mediating conflict: conflict between the teams; conflict between teams and the referee; and conflict between individual players. The ultimate result from a match is a win-win situation for both teams. Good communication or preventative refereeing can prevent penalties and conflict. Good control can help a game flow. Referees are looking to penalise clear and obvious infringements – those that have materiality. It is that word “materiality” that governs what a referee may choose not to enforce. For instance if a kick-off is taken to the left, but the winger on the far right is in front of the kicker by half a yard, then he is having no material effect on the game and the referee may ignore it for now. The referee will however, have a word with the winger at the first opportunity and let him know that his offside was noticed. I am not sure if spectators understand this and sitting through these workshops I wondered would spectators understanding of refereeing change if they attended too?
Newbridge v Athy - Leinster Women's Club Rugby League Division 4 Final
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All Ireland Referees Golf

IRFU Referees golf 2013

Friday 3rd May 2013.

Douglas Golf Club Cork (Book within your Provence).
Rochestown Park Hotel (Accommodation to be booked direct with the hotel).

We have again managed to keep the price down to in the region of €100 for golf/dinner/B/B.

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