Trial scrum laws start in Rugby Champs

The 2013 Rugby Championship will provide the backdrop to the debut of the new ‘crouch, bind, set’ scrum engagement trial.

The new trial laws, aimed at enhancing player welfare and boosting scrum stability, will come into affect during the southern hemisphere tournament following a request from SANZAR.

Referees will also be instructed to ensure that the scrum is static before the ball is put into the scrum and that the ball goes in straight.

The Rugby Championship, the Bledisloe Cup and the Rugby World Cup 2015 qualifiers between Canada and USA will be the only senior international events to operate the new trial ahead of global implementation at all levels at the start of the next northern and southern hemisphere seasons.

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Leinster Rugby Referees Kit Update (Monday).

Folks, there are just over 65 orders of kit outstanding out of 180+. If you can get them in ASAP please. Thanks to those who collected on Saturday.

Many thanks to Simon Owens, Dan Wallace, Tom Keating, Colm Roche and Ed Kenny for their 8+ hours of hard work over the weekend in putting the kit together. Thanks also to Gary Conway for entertaining the troops.

There will be a collection night this week and also kit going through reps will be given to reps on Thursday.

Please note that there will be No Kit Collection at the Seminar.

Kit order and collection update

Please get your kit order in ASAP.

Kit will be available for collection on Saturday from 3 – 5 in Donnybrook (Under the stand – Section D Room 5 – please use door at opposite end of the regular door.

This will be the first collection day of 3. We will do one evening next week.

We have been told the kit will arrive in time for the above collection. There may of course be a delay but we do not anticipate any at this point. If there is a late email will be sent out on Friday night. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for any updates.

Some items to note

1. If you are in the Metro area collection is from the store only.
2. Please make sure you put sizes in for your kit and not quantities.
3. Please make sure you put your area and not your club in the form.
4. If you are looking for 3 shorts or 2 pair of socks, you will be looked after once all the kit has been distributed for the extra items.

Thanks for your patience.