List Of IRFU Referee Appointments For November Tests

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Leinster Match Day Program – Article 4

This article featured in the WASPs Champions Cup Program

A very warm welcome to the first Champions Cup home game of the season. Best wishes to Leinster as they embark on a journey to bring back a 5th star. A warm welcome also goes to Romain Poite and his team of officials for today’s game. Romain was the man in the middle for the 2010-11 Cup Final when Leinster came back from a substantial half time deficit to win their second Heineken Cup final. It is great to see Romain back in the RDS, a true gentleman of rugby refereeing.




Another true gentleman of refereeing, a little closer to home, is Sean Gallagher. I refer of course to Sean Gallagher, Navanman and Leinster Referee and not dragon and Presidential hopeful. Sean may have fallen into refereeing in somewhat bizarre circumstances but it quickly became a passion which he has followed all the way to the top. The former secondary school teacher was only made a full-time referee in October 2017 but has been cutting his teeth as a rugby official for a number of years. I was lucky enough to come through the IRFU system beside Sean and then watch him forge ahead. Sean was a fresh-faced (he still is) 15-year-old ready to watch Navan play County Carlow when the referee’s car broke down and he was thrust on to take charge of the Anderson Cup semi-final. I was less fresh faced. Sean currently works as the IRFU Referee Development Officer for Leinster. Thankfully he took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

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Interview with Sean Gallagher

If you are going to the European Rugby Champions Cup game between Leinster Rugby and WASPs this evening be sure to pick up a copy of the match program which features an excellent interview with Leinster Rugby Referees and IrishRugby Development Officer Sean Gallagher of Navan Rugby Club.

Stud Legality

While we are waiting for direction / clarity from World Rugby in relation to recent questions please see attached a picture of a pair of boots that were recently identified during a pre match inspection.

For clarity this is an example of a pair of boots that ARE NOT LEGAL and if seen should not be allowed to be worn.

We will be in touch again as soon as we have heard back from World Rugby.

Leinster Match Program – Article 3

This article appeared in the Munster Match Day program.

Welcome to another edition of Referees Corner and to the Aviva Stadium. We extend a warm welcome to today’s officiating team from the Welsh Rugby Union comprised of match referee Ben Whitehouse, assistant referees Mike English and Dan Jones. Michael Carroll from Leinster Rugby Referees is assessing, Simon ‘Nigel’ Owens is on stats and Eddie Wigglesworth is todays match commissioner. Best of luck to all and we hope that you enjoy the unique Leinster v Munster atmosphere.

As mentioned in an earlier edition, Bryan O’Neill of Lansdowne FC was elected president of the Leinster Rugby Referees. Here is what Bryan had to say about his appointment.

“It is a great honour and privilege to the President of the Association of Referees Leinster Branch for the season 2018/19 and also that I am the 100th person to have the honour of being President.

I joined the Association in September 1978 after a 15 year rugby playing career with Lansdowne. I had 14 very enjoyable years with the whistle travelling the length and breadth of the province and also fortunate to referee abroad in England, United States and Canada, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

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Leinster Match Program 2018/19 – Article 2

This article appeared in the Edinburgh Match Day Program

As mentioned last week World Rugby announced that the current package of 12 global law trials will be adopted into rugby’s law book with immediate effect.The World Rugby Council unanimously decided to adopt the law amendments following positive feedback from players, coaches, match officials and fans, and an evaluation by World Rugby’s 15s Laws Review Group [LRG].

The LRG includes the IRFU’s David Nucifora and ex-Ireland international Alain Rolland, now World Rugby’s head of referees, while Paul O’Connell also provided input during what has been a four-year process of reviewing and amending the laws of the game. The global law trials that are to be adopted immediately into the law book have been in effect in the Northern Hemisphere since August of 2017, while they came into effect in the Southern Hemisphere in January of this year. That means you have already been refereeing or watching all of the laws in action. Let’s have a look at some of them, we will follow up with the others in a future article.

Law 3.15 – Uncontested scrums must have eight players
This means that if uncontested scrums happen as a result of a yellow/red card or an injury, both teams must still have eight players each in the scrum. The amendment will ensure that attacking teams from scrums will still have an advantage if it is the defensive team who has lost a player.

Law 5.7c – Permit penalty kick to touch after time has elapsed
This allows penalties to be kicked into touch and the lineout to be taken even after the match clock has run into the red.

Law 7.2 (d) – Where multiple penalty infringements occur, the non-offending team can choose the most advantageous
This means that the attacking team will have a choice of where to take their penalty from if the defence commits more than one offence during a single passage of play.

Law 8.1c, 8.3 and 8.7 – Penalty try has no conversion
Penalty tries are not required to be converted.

Law 18 and Law 21 – Touch, 22m and in-goal simplification
There are quite a few parts to the touch definitions regarding when the ball is “is not in touch or touch-in-goal”.
The amendments here look to simplify what happens if a player is already touching the touchline or touch-in-goal line when they catch or hold the ball.

Essentially, if the ball has reached the plane of touch before that player catches the ball, the catcher is not deemed to have taken it into touch. So, that means that the catcher’s team will have the throw into the lineout. However, if the ball has not yet reached the plane of touch when that player catches it or picks it up off the ground, then the catcher has brought it into touch, regardless of whether the ball is moving or not. That means that the opposition will have the throw into the lineout.

A lot of interesting changes which should see the game speed up and become clearer. Also it is great to see a new shortened law book.

Finally, it was great to see 50+ new recruits at our recent new recruits seminar. Many thanks to Richard Kerr (USRFR) for his excellent presentation and to Denis Collins and Gary Glennon for their trojan efforts in organizing.

The Leinster Referees always need more referees and opting to become one may be the best decision you’ve made for a long time. Feel free to make contact with the Leinster Rugby Referees through Sean Gallagher at

If you are interested in becoming a referee get in contact with us through our Facebook and Google + pages, our website or through twitter @leinsterreferee.

Mobile App

Dont forget that Leinster Rugby Referees have a mobile phone web app which allows you to keep track of your upcoming fixtures through a live & up to date application that is compatible with most mobile devices.

This can be seen by typing in to your mobile phone web browser.This app is primarily a web interface as opposed to an iphone app. Not all members have iphones so this was the most compatible method across multiple platforms to distribute this information. For iPhone users though you can add an icon to your home screen which will link you directly to the app. (Just click on the bookmark icon and select add to home screen). The news feed from the homepage of site is also available through this application.

Leinster Match Program 2018/19 – Article 1

This article appeared in the Dragons match program 15th September

It is hard to believe that the summer break is over and that we are into another season. Towards the end of last season Bryan O’Neill was elected President of the Leinster Rugby Referees taking over from Conor Byrne who had a fantastic year in office. We wish Bryan continued success for the season ahead.

It was great to see over 160 referees, assessors and members pack into Lansdowne FC for this year’s Annual Referee Seminar, which kickstarted the 2018/19 season. Many thanks to Robert Deacon, Vice President of Leinster Rugby for the warm introduction and to our own President Bryan O’Neill for his warm welcome.

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